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byowen, March 3, 2011
Firstly, thank you to the developer of this plugin - you have done an outstanding job.

I recently installed Joomla 1.6 - and since I develop a lot of sites with images, I went looking for plugins that use lightbox and other image effects. At the current time, I found there are not that many ready for Joomla 1.6

I went through a couple I did find and after trying a few quickly decided that BK-multithumb was the one for me.

I was very impressed with the amount of options for configuring it and how diverse it is.

I would class myself as an intermediate Joomla user, and found that learning the plugin was relatively easy once I got ahold of the basics, then it was simply a matter of testing out the different possibilities.

Save yourself all the time searching plugins and give this one a go - you may just find it does all you need!

Again, thank you, especially for being on top of things and having the plugin ready for Joomla 1.6 :-)
byowen, January 12, 2011
When I first looked at this product, I was a little skeptical. I needed something that could link in my joomla site to CCBill, and there seemed to be no other components / plugins to do this. This left me a little concerned about how well this one would work.

I was also unsure about whether my own technical expertise would be enough to buy vHTaccess without paying the higher amount for them to install it for me.

I decided to go for it - buy the product and try a self install.

I found the tutorial provided with the product to be easy to understand and thorough.

I was able to do the instal myself, and when I did have a question, I sent Jake a message on his site, which recieved a reply within an hour. I messaged him back and forth a few times, each with a quick reply.

Once fully set up, I found the vHTAccess works perfectly in integrating my site with CCBill. We are now recieving paid members to our site through CCbill
I downloaded this plugin today after getting frustrated with a different Joomla gallery plugin. The first thing I noticed was very detailed and thorough documentation on the developers website, explaining how to set it up as well as lots of configuration options, explanations on how to change the styling with CSS etc.

There was however one specialist thing I needed which I could not find documentation for so I decided to email the developer with my query.

I was incredibly impressed to check my emails 30 minutes later and find he had replied with a detailed explanation of how to do what I asked.

great plugin, loads of variety and options, excellent documentation and perfect support!
byowen, July 18, 2010
This is a great module, very simple to set up and us, with a wide range of features and possibilities. Thank you - it was exactly what I can searching for and works exactly how I wanted it!