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byowensg, March 31, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
I have been using the free version for several years now and am very happy with the features that it provides.
AcyMailing is a wonderful wonderful product. Well done! I use it for a 501 C non profit that has contracted with me for services.
byowensg, February 25, 2010
I have tried at least 4 to 5 times over the last 3 years to install this on my Joomla! sites. For some reason I always had trouble and the install failed. I thought there was maybe another file that I was missing that was within the download. Out of the blue, I tried downloading the file and thought, I'l just try and upload it using Joomla installer and Wala it worked!. This is so much better than thee "other" file management components because I "Don't have to log back in to Joomla" every time I"m finished with using it. Thanks to the Developer /Authors !
Does exactly what it says out of the Box. I was up and running within *****3 minutes******. The only reason it took even this long because I was typing in {jcomments on} at the bottom of editor. I did not know and did not read the documentation to know that it placed a button below the editor screen to turn it on and off. Really, for a FREE system and for as much functionality as this component provides you CAN'T go wrong. To the developer(s), at BIG THANK YOU! 20 STARS !!!!!
Installed 2.6.1 and could not save, Peter was on it within 7 minutes and had a new version ready to download and install. Heck, it even told me in the component that it had an update before I could even finish my research to see if something was up. Downloaded and installed the latest 2.6.2 and WaLah!
This fixed my problem that I was having with IE8 "domready" warning. Also my other modules were not showing up on the right side of the page in IE8 and this fixed that as well. I really don't like IE8 or the IE browser, but if your into web development it is a hazard of the trade. Thanks.
*****5 Stars is really a disservice, ABPro deserves more than 5 for sure.

If you have not noticed that all of the reviewers are giving 5 stars. Its one of the things I think that everyone is looking at in the JED and are there any negative reviews. I did'nt find any and don't think that there are. Rob Stevens, the developer is OUTSTANDING in what he has created. I purchased ABPro and have been extremely happy and have made happy customers to boot. I liked it so well, in after 15 days, I went and purchased a lifetime sub. I feel safe in saying that for most people who take the time to understand what ABPro will do will be very happy with it. Again, can't say enough good things about Rob. I can't wait to see what what he comes up with next as I'm sure it will be STELLAR, and yep, I'll have to buy it.
Thank you Rob !
byowensg, January 3, 2009
Akeeba Backup
I would give it 10 Stars. Should be integrated into the next release of Joomla!. I would pay for this product if it becomes commercial, it's that good! Developer and support team are top shelf Professionals

In Summary, Using Joomlapack and the additional tools these developers provide is equivalent between riding a skateboard (manual backup) and driving a Ferrari (Using JoomlaPack and the additional tools).

What exemplary stellar tools. Outstanding! To let everyone know, I have just now realized after going through my own learning curve of how to set up everything, (it's not that hard to do, but does take a little time, READ the Instructions, you will honestly do yourself a BIG Favor and actually Save TIME!) but it's worth every second of prep time spent in setting it up for the 100 fold rewards you will get in return.

I will be able to save about 2 hrs a week not having to manage my backups anymore. I have a small web development company (11 customers and growing) and almost exclusively use Joomla! CMS.

I can say to anyone reading this post that Joomlapack, JoomlaPack Native Tools and Kickstart when used either as standalone products or leveraging the power of the combination of these tools are extreemly powerful and timesaving.

Without an easy reliable way to backup and restore you Joomla! web site, you are setting yourself up for a world of pain, whaling and gnashing of teeth! JoomlaPack is the way to go!