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byoxygen, August 1, 2012
I can't fault this component. It installed no problem, the instructions are clear and concise and it works and integrates easily with my template. I just need to create my own template for the comments section now and I'll be away!

I was just about to mention one tiny niggle that I had (more a "like to have" really) which was an admin setting to disable the "comments" link on the category blog layout. I've just found it in the plugin settings. Marvelous!

I'd recommend this to anyone.
byoxygen, February 27, 2012
jQuery Easy
What more needs saying? You install, you activate and it sorts the problem you've been battling with for the last 2 hours hacking conflicting components around.

Thank you, thank you ....
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, great that it solved your problems!

byoxygen, August 23, 2011
It took a while to get my head around the complexities of this, but it was well worth the time invested and the (minimal) cost of the extension.
I've had a couple of issues, one I sorted myself and the other was sorted within 10 minutes of posting on the support forum.
That's the kind of service I like. Keep up the good work.