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byozfiddler, August 1, 2013
Membership Pro
Like many others I have been trawling through different extensions looking for a good membership/subscription-type service. This one is a very well-designed product that does the job simply and clearly. It doesn't have a mind-boggling array of features which to me is a good thing as I was finding many similar products to be far too complicated for my needs. However, there is an active support forum and the designers seem keen to listen to suggestions and help you to tailor their product.

I was particularly impressed with the support team. I had an issue initially when I installed it and and they responded immediately and sorted things out for me.
byozfiddler, April 8, 2013
This was so easy to use, I literally had it installed and running in just a few minutes. The interface is well designed and very clear - I love the way it explains the problems and helps you to fix them automatically. It gives you a score rating for your site which may seem bit gimmicky but it does inspire you to try to keep working to get it up to 100. Good documentation too. I loaded it onto all my sites and found various dubious files hidden away that needed to be removed.

I don't tend to buy many commercial Joomla extensions but this is one that I think is well worth every penny.
byozfiddler, February 22, 2013
SEO Boss
I've tried all the free seo extensions and have found this one to be the most useful. I did consider buying the pro version but I agree with others that it is just too pricey.

I love the Meta Tags Manager that lets you view all the tags for every page on one screen so you can easily see what needs doing and cut and paste as necessary. The only improvement I would suggest here is a character count on the description. Actually I did a mod to the default.php page to make all the data boxes bigger (50 wide by 3 rows) so that does give me a rough indication of the description length.

Overall though, a great extension that I will be using as standard on every site I develop. Thanks.