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byozneil, October 13, 2014
This is an excellent extension for free!

It works well, and while there are lots of options available (such as using text or an image for the tab), it is easy to set up.

You have the choice of displaying an article or a module and can set the size of the window that slides out.

Thanks very much!
byozneil, June 23, 2014
FocalPoint is hard to describe but easy to use. A sort of Google Maps/CCK/Directory mashup, it can be used as an excellent map based directory with search and filters and including any type of custom field you like. FocalPoint works well with responsive templates and looks good on any screen width.
byozneil, April 11, 2014
Noo Google Map
Thanks for this excellent Google Maps module which I am using as a loction map on contact pages complete with Info Window. The feature I like the best is being able to specify the width as a percentage so that the map acales responsively. I didn't have to enter a Google Maps API key either.
byozneil, October 30, 2013
Simple MP3 Player
I just tested 5 audio player extensions for a Joomla 1.5 client and like this one the best.

It works well, loads quickly, is reasonably easy to use and the code is W3C valid as well.

Thanks for providing such a great extension for free!
byozneil, August 28, 2013
Xpert Captions
This is a great looking free module that I am using to display a page of staff profiles. Visitors can hover over the photo for key details to scroll into view or click through to the article for the full details. It looks like quite a bit of work has gone into the Joomla 2.5 version and it's very generous of the developer to make this available for free. Thanks!
byozneil, June 17, 2013
This extension saved the day for me when I needed to work out if a particular feature was being used or not on a client website.

Google Analytics didn't tell us what we needed and relevant data wasn't being collected in the Joomla database but HeatMap very quickly showed that the feature was in popular use.

Very handy!
byozneil, June 17, 2013
eXtplorer is an excellent file manager and it is one of the few extensions that I install on every website I build and/or look after.

I only ever had an issue once and the developer worked hard to come up with a solution which only took a few days.

Thanks for continuing to make this available for free.
byozneil, June 17, 2013
SP Weather
I struggled trying to get a different weather module to work properly for ages and wish I had found this one earlier.

It is easy to set up, works perfectly straight away, looks great, has all the options you might need and is free!

Highly recommended!
byozneil, June 17, 2013
I was quite surprised how easy it is to configure Plotalot and am very happy with the results.

Providing the component for free is excellent as you can try out all the features and check it does what you need before spending any money which I am about to do as I need the plug-in and the price is excellent value for money!

The documentation and support are also first rate.
byozneil, June 17, 2013
Saxum IPLogger
Thanks very much.

This is just what I needed to help track which registered users are logging into a client's website and how frequently.

A CSV export option in the report section would make it perfect!
Owner's reply

Please check version 3.1 for export feature

byozneil, June 17, 2013
Slideshow CK
This slideshow module is perfect for a recent project because it is responsive, has unlimited images, linked images and image captions, and most of all (and not mentioned in the description), it only seems to load the first image when the page loads initially.

This means you can include as many images as you want in the slideshow without affecting the initial page load speed.

Thanks very much!
byozneil, June 17, 2013
WDS Twitter Widget
After the Twitter API changes rendered RokTwittie inoperable (R.I.P RokTwittie), I recently downloaded and tried out four of the most promising Twitter feed modules and found this one to be the best for me.

Reasons include the fairly simple styling that makes the module fit in well with many different styles of website, an option to disable the link back to the developer website, and leaving the width field blank means the module can be made responsive.

Thanks very much and keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback and support!

byozneil, January 12, 2013
Unfortunately the module displays the previous day's weather. The developer seems unable to fix it.
CoalaWeb Social Links
This is a professional quality extension that is easy to set up and is very well supported. Share and Follow buttons are included in the one module which makes installing Social Networking buttoms easier and quicker. A good range of social networks is included and the author seems open to feature requests in his support forums if any are missing (e.g. Pinterest). Titles, borders and alignment can easily be customised if needed and a range of icon sizes is provided. I had a couple of very minor issues and posted some requests for help and these were all answered within 10 minutes including an amendement to a line of code which fixed the issue I was having. This type of service far exceeds my expectations and is terrific for a free extension. Highly recommended!
byozneil, December 25, 2012
This is a great extension with much given away for free and it tends to be my first choice for an event list / event calendar. With paid events as an option extra, there's little reason for me to go looking for anything else now. I have tried a few of the competing commercial extensions and I have to say JEvents is very competitive! Thank-you.
byozneil, December 25, 2012
Core Design Mini Polls
I couldn't get a rival poll extension to validate under HTML5 so went looking for a simple replacement. This is it! After a small change (described in the forums), I was able to make the code W3C compliant. By specifying "100%" width for the progress bars, the extension works well with the responsive template I am using. The instructions for the plugin syntax took longer to find than I would have liked and I didn't realise immediately that the Scriptegator plugin (also a free download) is a pre-requisite, but these are relatively minor complaints about a great free extension! Another tip is to not include the line breaks as is shown in the example plugin syntax, as these will space out your poll questions too much. Thanks!
byozneil, May 30, 2012
AJAX Scroller
AJAX Scroller overcame a couple of limitations of the free "DJ Image Slider" extension which almost did what my client needed for her original artwork website. These were: 1. Adding too many images made the page load too slowly and 2. text formatting was limited. With Ajax Scroller, we can scroll image and text together, the page loads quickly regardless of the number of images, and we can format the text however we want. Another nice feature is that AJAX Scroller is W3C compliant. The only draw back I have found so far is the class based watermark plug-in that worked with DJ Image Slider only seems to be applied to the first image in each AJAX Scroller gallery. I have checked the support forums and it looks like this might be a limitation of AJAX Scroller.
Nice Watermark
I am using the class based watermarking for a client original artwork website and it works well. The plug-in introduced some W3C validation errors but the developer put in a big effort to fix this for me. I am now checking out their other extensions! Thanks Michael.
byozneil, May 13, 2012
SP Upgrade
It's not hard to justify the small fee for this excellent extension as it saves so much time when migrating websites. I have used it on a few websites including one where I needed the userIDs to be consistent so that Kunena, JoomGallery and JEvents data was attributed to the correct user account on the new Joomla 2.5 website. It works the first time without any hassles. Thanks, I have quite a few more migrations to do and will be using SP Upgrade from now on!
byozneil, May 13, 2012
Thanks, I found this excellent free extension was just what I needed to show off a client's original artwork. What I like most is being able to add text below the image (after a small tweak), it's W3C compliant and free! I also managed to get it working with Nice Watermarks which was a bonus.
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