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byp4lu, February 23, 2012
Great mailing component - has both subscribe & send mailing function with templates and other stuff. The developer is also really helpful and response very fast with any necessary fixes. Definitely recommended! :-)
byp4lu, February 14, 2012
JCK Editor
Thank God i found this component!
I was having problems with JCE editor, i had blank screen after installation and couldnt solve the problem. However, i found this JCK component which does almost exactly the same as JCE and bug free!
Thanks for the developer - you saved my life!!! Very happy :-D
byp4lu, February 5, 2012
I've been looking for translator module for Indonesian language that's bug free, all the others that i've tried have bugs for Indonesian language - gave me error pages and so on. This one works like a charm! Thanks very much!!! :-D
byp4lu, January 18, 2012
Akeeba Backup
I loveeeee Akeeba Backup!! I wanted to copy my current site to another hosting, i can just install Akeeba, make a backup and restore it to the new hosting FTP from Akeeba and everything is so automatic, including configuring the new hosting, database, site name, etc. All done in less than 10minutes!!

Thank you so much for creating such a helpful component and the developers really thought about every aspect of it!

When you want to backup your site or move it, don't waste your time on other component. THIS IS IT!! THUMBS UP!!!
byp4lu, November 13, 2011
Excellent component, very easy to install and works straight away! Reduce my page loading time by more than half! Well done!
byp4lu, July 20, 2011
Great component - very simple and easy to use.
Thanks a lot & thumbs up!!! :-D