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bypacificwalter, February 27, 2009
Well designed. Works great. Smooth all the way around.
bypacificwalter, February 25, 2009
8 euros doesn't sound like much to have the ads removed, but its still annoying.

A nice extension, but I'll save 5 stars for developers who really are sharing their work.
Owner's reply

Hello "pacificwalter", ok, it's your opinion, so I'm respecting it. But you know, it's hard to have everyday programming job, and then after you are tired of all the work duties, to reply the support emails and to fix bugs, develop the new requested features - everything during remaining spare time and weekends. And yes, share it with the community without anything in return. This concept is nice, but it won't pay your web hosting expenses or won't buy you a coffee. These ads are some compromise, I'm not making millions out of it. It's intention is more like to cover the "costs". The code is GNU/GPL, so you can still remove the ads by yourself. Thank you for your understanding, and I'm glad that most people are fine with this model.
I want to release the new stable version with all the new features and translations. I hope it will be very soon :)

bypacificwalter, October 16, 2008
Extra Vote
This little extra is very simple, very practical and very useful. It does the job simply and well.

I'm impressed that a lot of these best codes (or scripts or whatever) are free, and I'm grateful to these folks who contribute products like this.