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bypaco2paco3, November 3, 2011
MailChimp integration for Joomla!
The only reason I wanted this extension was for the ability for new registrants to my site to sign up for my newsletter at the same time they signed up for my site.

Sadly that portion of the product has zero functionality. It's not bugged it just doesn't exist anymore, despite promises to the contrary.

Support is oddly quiet on the issue as well as there are many post about it on their support forums that are going unanswered. I'd rate it lower but at least it was free.
bypaco2paco3, December 2, 2010
OpenPotion Asynchronous Google Analytics
Works as advertised and installs without problems.

It could only be better if it was updated to include some options like excluding certain pages or user groups.

My company has an employees only area that I don't want to include but I don't want to use individual modules one each page.

But for now this does the job well enough.