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bypanamaspace, November 8, 2010
I have spent years looking for something that worked as nicely as this extension. I spent years trying other extensions for mobile Joomla websites, and found them all lacking. I had all but given up on having a mobile Joomla site...

Then I decided to give MOBILE a try. I run a site with 30K+ daily visitors... Absolutely ZERO issues, immediate, great output on Blackberry and Iphones. Lots of template customization possibilities. Give this one a try, it's highly recommended!
Excellent implementation of the idea behind this module. Once you try it, and see how well the translation works, get the PRO upgrade for the additional benefit of having those translated pages look as if they actually came from folders on your site. This is SEO traffic heaven. Seamless presentation of pages in 42 languages. The software developer replied promptly and courteously to requests for help.

I installed the module on a site with 4,500 distinct content pages. Beautiful. Now I have 4500x42=189,000 REAL pages! Even the ALT tags on images were translated, with absolutely no trace of Google having done the translation anywhere.

Immediately bought a second PRO copy for my other site, which has about 8,500 pages... you do the math.

Google rates you on breadth and depth of your site. This module is great, and the PRO addition is worth every penny! Thanks Edvard!