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bypancheto, January 13, 2010
having such great functionality just there, without hastling around trying to find that component option, or editing that article that I don't remember in which category or section it was conceived, is just great! years and years around with mambo and then joomla, and now someone comes with this great yet light idea, even ajax powered, that allows keyboard-managing any joomla site from the backend? the question is: how could we have lived without this?
mavik Thumbnails
it does exactly what it says, and with very little effort from the editor side.

I am having trouble though with transparent images (both gif and png): the transparent background is displayed as black on the thumbnails, and as grey on the enlarged picture. is there any option I need to fine tune in order to parse transparent images?

I would also like to be able to disable the popup function for certain images, as the nofb="nofb" option of the fboxbot plugin does. is there any way I could tag any image in order to resize it as normal but disable the mouseover interaction and the popup function?