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bypandemicfoundry, December 18, 2010
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As with all joomlabamboo products, this is great! I installed it tonight and am like a kid in a candy store updating articles.
The JCE plugin is a wonderful bonus.
Thank you!
bypandemicfoundry, January 2, 2010
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This is wonderful! Anything to make things easier on my clients get an A+ in my book, and this certainly does! Everyone should be using this!
Thank you very much nonumber, you do great work! I would love to see a version to somehow implement on the front end for those 'special' clients. If you ever come up with anything let me know! Would be worth a great deal!
Thanks again!
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Thanks, I have plans to extend it (optionally) with an editor button that should also work on the frontend.

bypandemicfoundry, January 2, 2010
Not much to say about projectfork except, I have no clue what i would do without it! If you haven't tried it, download it today. You can't get the entire picture of its incredible capabilities until you try it out for yourself. Painless implementation.