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bypantsman28, February 20, 2011
I brought this because of a recommendation.... Sadly this was a poor recommendation and at best a costly experience.
JoomSef on the whole does a very good job of handling Joomla, it pretty much runs side by side and gives you full control over your meta date, manages your url's great.

However, its a completely different story when you introduce another 3rd party component. Which lets face is now in every joomla site!!

The support is lame and can be very costly, the search function in the forum, always returns no results, making it impossible to find anything. The lack of forum users, leaving comments or feed back is just a small part of the unpleasant experiences. For the cost I would expect a lot more help or advice but all I get is delayed responses recommending I spend more money on support services which really don't justify the initial cost of the component.

I would imagine the owner will rely with the comment blaming the other installed components for the lack of it versatility. But if it can't handle other table data from other published fields then this was clearly not for my site.

The owner is offering support at a further cost to allow this component to be used in conjunction with another component I also found here (Joomsport).

My recommendation is check with the owner before trying, to see if you would have issues with other components already installed on your site. This would save you countless hours and hard earned cash in the long term.