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bypanzerknacker, March 2, 2011
I had to get used to this component a bit, but once you get going, you find out quickly how powerful it is. You can make any layout and with scripts extend the functionality further.

Now if only they made the recaptcha multi-lingual...
bypanzerknacker, October 11, 2010
I had to ask for a refund because there was a misunderstanding about certain functionality in the component, the service I got was excellent and quick.

The component would be awesome if you could add custom forms/fields when adding events and if you could disable the registering for events. Some people just want to show the events and not allow people to register for them.

So for me it's 5 stars for service and 3 stars for the component.
bypanzerknacker, June 1, 2008
Core Design Ajax Vote
It seems like the people below were probably using an older version of the scriptegrator or the plugin itself. I installed Scriptegrator 1.2.2 and Ajax vote plugin 1.0.1 and it worked.

I did encounter a CSS issue causing the hearts for the rating to be misaligned and right after installation the folder permissions were not set correctly, so the vote went into an eternal loop. Tiny issues really as you can expect these with most components when implementing them in your website.

The plugin itself looks and feels really slick and makes a very good addition for any site.
bypanzerknacker, March 25, 2008
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All Weblinks
I like the module, but the categories show with a far too large font and are not consistent with other modules. Then I thought, okay lets try applying a suffix to change the look entirely and get around this problem, but the suffix which does work on other modules doesn't on this one. It does change the categories' look, but not how I expected.

Furthermore, a forum or some other place to discuss bugs rather than this review section would be nice. I didn't give a score yet as it's still a beta.
Owner's reply

As on request a forum is in place on the support site

For the CSS part look at the documentation how these are organized

bypanzerknacker, February 20, 2008
XCloner-Backup and Restore
I bought this yesterday based on the reviews I read here. I needed something to backup my Joomlasite and my PHPBB forum simultaneously, files and databases as I recently had huge issues with files being corrupted and off course I only had old manually made backups...... The new Xcloner package does this for you, automatically, painlessly and without a hitch.

If you want to add multiple or non Joomla databases, just make sure to add an SQL user to be able to read the forum database and all you need to do next is select the extra databases you want in the Xcloner configuration...PRESTO!! Automation of backups comes through cron and I did have some trouble setting that up, but that was not Xcloners' fault, it was my lack of knowledge on cron. The documentation could be a little more newbie proof on that end perhaps.

Another neat little feature to mention is the button to exclude the backup folder from your backups without having to configure excludes manually.

Right after I installed the component, I did run into an error, but this was resolved very quickly by the author after I sent a ticket. I sent this in the evening here in Canada, and he replied in a couple of minutes, it must have been late in the night in Europe so I didn't expect an answer till the next morning, so again....hats off.

All in all, highly recommended for Joomla and non-Joomla sites.