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bypapaiso, January 11, 2011
Simple Review
Simple Review is not as simple as it claims to be.
Good idea but very poorly implemented at this stage (vs3.0.1).
Good the idea of the customizable fields but again... very badly implemented: e.g. you can add fields easely to the frontend but then you have to edit the templates and in order to get it to work properly a lot of manual tweaking is required.

Furthermore, i found it very unstable and quite buggy. Personally I believe this product is currently in a pre-alpha conceptual development stage, definitively not to be used in a production environment.
Owner's reply

I believe version 3.0.2 fixed some of the bugs you may have experienced as well at simplified some of the GUI. Myself and others use it on production sites without issues, so if you have any specific bugs/issues then please report them in the support forum so that they can be fixed.

The custom fields must be manually put into a template as the component does not know where you would like to place them in your review. This is comparable to having to specify your module positions in Joomla templates.
I would disagree that a lot of manual work to get them working, all you have to do is put {Review:Field:1} somewhere in your template or review.