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byparadoxgames, February 6, 2010
AJAX Register
I have had some poor experiences with paid extensions however this one is EXCELLENT!!!!

I had paid, downloaded and installed in under 5 min.


You do need to register with reCaptcha but that was quick and I just copied the public and private key into the configurations and it worked great!

When you install this extension it HAS COMPLETE instructions in the installation screen!

Well done and well work the LOW cost!!!
byparadoxgames, February 6, 2007
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JCK Editor
I have had frustrations with every editor I have tried until I go FCK. I dont do many reviews but this deserves it! Why...

1) You can upload picures from your desktop straight into articles. For this reason alone you should use this. It makes authoring articles so easy. No clumsy mosimage interface or having to get out of an article to upload a picture from joomla eXplorer.

2) Automatic Borders and placement of pictures at upload!

3) Embedding of Flash !!!!

4) No Script errors, its its clean programming. So many of the editors have scripts problems with various browsers.

5) Its fast, initial load takes a few seconds but after that its fast.

Just Download it already and blog to your hearts content (pun intended)