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byparadoxia155, October 29, 2009
I was very excited to find this plugin because it did just what I was looking for.

I installed the latest version (2.03). However, there are so many problems with it that I've had to uninstall it. Problems are:

1) It doesn't work with Joomla Core SEF.

2) The expandable facility doesn't work. When I go to a section, all the categories plus all their articles are listed in the menu. What should happen is that only the category with the article you are reading should be expanded, the others should be closed.

3) The subcats patches have something wierd in them. After installing them, errors start appearing within core joomla!! Luckily I backed up my site before installing the patches so no harm done.

4) Other people had mentioned some of the same problems I am having on the support page, but there is no reply given to them and some of those comments are 3 months old

I appreciate the developer is offering the plugin for free and this is not a go at him. It's just very frustrating because this plugin would be amazing if it worked.

If it worked, I would even pay for it because the functionality is just what I want! I am wondering what I have done wrong because evother reviewers have idently managed to get it working.