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Reviews(1), November 5, 2012
I have chosen jforce to integrate into a product I am developing. The descision was based heavily on the apparent step up in support services.

When we started implementing the product we found a number of bugs, mainly date related so we attempted to contact jforce for advise...and this is when the story stops. My developers have attempted to contact jforce on multiple occasions, both via email and even contacted the office directly and leaving messages. I have emailed with no response.

The product is only as good as its support and the support is 0/10

Come on guys...get your act together please.

Bryan Moore, Christchurch, New Zealand
Owner's reply

Unfortunately this is a case of a business owner being misled by his developers. Bryan was told that his team contacted support on numerous occasions for assistance. They attempted to place the fault on JForce as a third-party developer which was simply not the case.

We request that all support questions be submitted as a support ticket within our system. This allows us to streamline responses, track each and ensure that nothing is missed. It's very simple and we clearly state this to be the case. Otherwise, we have no way of ensuring that users have an active account etc.. (although, we do very often offer quick assistance with our live on-site sales chat).

Bryan's developers told him that they had submitted "numerous tickets" and emails with no response from us. This was an outright lie and as we discovered we had received one email from them to an untracked email address. When we found this out we emailed Bryan and let him know this was the case. (Also, it would be worth mentioning at this point that when Bryan emailed our correct email addresses, filled out our contact form, and talked with live sales chat he received immediate replies on all channels).

We let Bryan know that if his developers would resubmit each of their tickets (since they hadn't submitted any yet) we would handle each one of them immediately. He said he understood and would tell them to send their questions as tickets through the proper channels.

We waited...and waited...finally one of his developers emails and gives us the two questions regarding date functionality. He then told Bryan that he did not submit a ticket because he didn't know the account information and the developer that did know it was on holiday. So, unfortunately, once again we did not get a ticket submitted and have not received any of the information we request to properly fix any problems that Bryan is facing.

It is an outright lie to claim that we have not provided support, or that we have been unresponsive in our communication. We have provided support via email, contact request form, and live sales chat. Bryan has held conversations with at least two people within JForce. We will be working with Bryan directly to hopefully clear things up.

Finally, if you would like to test our level of engagement, simply visit our site and ask us via our live sales chat, or fill out our contact form. :) You can see for yourself how quickly we respond!