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byparrott84, February 19, 2009
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I recently purchased this component and even with the documentation and video instructions my friend and I still could not get the component to install correctly. After contacting CorePHP they set up and fixed the errors we were having in a very short time. Very shortly after words they upgraded the component and after following the directions the installation process still gave us problems. 1 email to their support team got the problem fixed the very next day and they also told us that anytime a new version of the component comes out and we want to upgrade just contact them and they will do it for us from here on out!!! Talk about customer service! I don't know what's better the component or the customer service!
byparrott84, February 19, 2009
This component is a wonderful improvement to previous projects that were either discontinued or lacking in development. Having the component integrated within Joomla, and knowing that the developers are working as hard as they are on this component really gives me a lot of faith in this project. The only negative at this point is that it is not 1.5 native.