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byparvus, October 31, 2012
I'm very happy to have found this. It works very well, and produces very nice interactive chess diagrams. It is actively maintained and developed, and it is a must have for any chess site.

The only - minor - issue that the letters for the pieces must be English. No biggie, as I added the correct letters for my language myself. There is no built-in support for this, though.
byparvus, January 3, 2009
I'm using Attachments for - I think - about a year now. It was from the beginning a very important extension to get my site up & running.

This latest version (1.3.4) has been around for quite some time now, and it is stable and feature rich. There always remain features left to be implemented, but this version is more than sufficient for me.
No user, author nor editor on my site has had any problem using it; and even though usage is simple and intuitive enough, there is also an extended help file and a good forum to get you going.

I can recommend this extension to everyone, and I'm very happy to use it. Thanks a lot!