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bypastoweb, November 14, 2012
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The module works fine and has many configuration options. The developer is very supportive and fast.
What else? :)
bypastoweb, July 20, 2010
I'm using this extension on a few sites, overall it's really powerful but lacks in usability and ease of interface customization. Not what I can expect from a "modern" application, that should simplify our work not make it more complicated.

The quick mode is very nice until you have to customize styles and html output...that's a mess, with lots of useless html tags! I gave a fast try to the other two modes but to me they are definetly unusable and uselessly complicated. There's a bug using version 1.7.1/2 toghether with JCE that requires to reinstall JCE...WHAT???? Lose all my JCE configurations? Bah....

No joomfish integration (the owner says it's better to duplicate the whole module and translate it, but how about dealing with form modifications on multilingual sites?)

To set a simple formatted text beside a checkbox it needs a tortuous process of creating sections and subsections

For my next website I will try RSforms or some other extension, this one definetly needs some restyling in processes and output code...maybe I'll find that this is the best one anyway, but it'd be sad
Owner's reply


- You change the styles as for any other extension, by using css. The layout in QuickMode is managed and uses themes, most people are very thankful for these features.

- You cannot customize the html output because form field elements are atomic entities. Therefore I doubt that there is one single "useless html tag".

- The JCE bug you are refering to is a JCE bug in combination with iframes, not a BreezingForms bug and for that we added a workaround in 1.7.2. Updating JCE is always a good idea.

- BreezingForms has a built-in Joomfish integration (ClassicMode). But it turned out that you are a lot faster by copying each form and translate what is necessary to translate. That approach is also better than having crashed translations on major Joomfish updates.

- Placing formatted text beside a checkbox is definetly not "tortuous". In each mode it is done by a simple drag of the desired text element. In QuickMode you wrap a section around it to define if you need it inline or wrapped, that's it.

- The output code is W3C compliant so why do you think the output code needs some restyling??

I believe you reviewed a very old version of BreezingForms. So if possible you should upgrade and if you have further questions, then contact the support please.