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bypastvne, December 6, 2012
Root PDF Content
I use another component in my Joomla site and it used domPDF. When I installed it, it broke PhocaPDF. So I tried this component. It installed and worked right off the bat. Only issue so far is that I'd like the PDF button to be in the article options bar at the top of the article (next to the print and email icons) instead of at the top/bottom of the article itself. But this plug was a lifesafe (or at least a few hours saver) and I very much appreciate the author sharing it! Kudos
bypastvne, November 18, 2012
User Article Manager
Really like this extension. So simple and so useful. The ONLY minor issue is that when creating 'new' articles, the component does not respect the restriction to a specific category as specified in the menu definition. This might allow a user to wander off into unapproved categories... But aside from that, well done sir!
bypastvne, September 12, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
It's so nice to find software like this that installs cleanly, is well thought out and solves such as obvious limitation of j1.5. I've not yet cracked open J1.6 and its new ACL features to decide if this software will still have purpose in j1.5 but I can only hope that the people who designed this were involved in that effort as well. Thank you very very much!
bypastvne, May 28, 2009
This software installs and updates easily, is rock solid and is useful in many ways. I created a joomla based solution for a customer that uses various content plug-ins all with their own style. I was able to use ReReplacer to create a single, standardized syntax that translates to the native tag syntax for each content plug in. The customer gets a clean consistent API and I don't have to hack any plug-in code which makes upgrading so much easier.

Thanks so much for a great product.