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bypat_dev, June 10, 2014
SocialAds for Joomla
We've used SocialAds for some time and recently gone through an upgrade to SocialAds 3 hoping it would get better. We've had to make modifications to the source code of SocialAds because of bad design and lack of important features.

The codebase of SocialAds is at first sight structured as MVC. But it isn't and it's complete mess. It's extremely hard to follow what's happening inside the code, trying to change e-mail messages and basic translations is hard because it is split between files and function names are misleading.

For example the function getInvoiceDetail(..) does not return anything and sends a mail TO the e-mail address provided in for sending mail FROM in Joomla config.

On top of everything the code is filled with commented out old code.

With that said. Some things work ok and a good programmer could fix this sinking ship in maybe a week, making it acceptable.

It has actually got a little bet better to SocialAds v3 but to the next version I hope TechJoomla burns every single line of code and start fresh. Doing it the right way.
bypat_dev, February 25, 2013
Simple Image Gallery
The only way to change captions is to download caption files via ftp, edit them and upload them back again.

When uploading galleries the images have to be in a zip file and you cant upload another picture into the gallery later on without rezipping the images with the new one and upload them all together again. Neither can you remove just one of the images.

This plugin, as well as the Pro version, is very poor.
Owner's reply

The Free version of the plugin really does what it says in its name. You just upload a bunch of images and it displays them in a nice grid. Not to be confused with the Pro version which provides a lot more features.