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bypatin001, September 30, 2012
Sure, I needed some time figuring everything out. But I was glad to take the subscription and find out what a marvellous en flexible extension this is!
When I need help there is a very quick response time on the forum. And once I was club member the documentary is superb, so I learned it very quick.

SobiPro is not the easiest extensions around, but to my humble opinion certainly one of the best around. And once you get to learn it, you'll find out the amazing possibilities. I should have know this extension way earlier: it would have saved me hours searching for crappy-buggy alternatives.

I gave it five stars, but if I could, I'd gave it SIX!
bypatin001, September 20, 2012
JobGrok Premium
Great component, just what I needed for my website. I used the listing first but then very quickly changed to premium because of all the po. And I can't forget the superb and quick assistance from Bob!
bypatin001, May 10, 2012
Latest News Enhanced
Lots of options in this extension that make it very easy to use, adapt and setup for your site. Liked the option to upload my own calendar background very much!

Just what I needed! Top!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review, it is greatly appreciated.

bypatin001, March 7, 2012
Great support from author. Great extension for anyone who needs multiple languages on a joomla site. 5 stars earned!
bypatin001, January 23, 2012
MediaLibrary Basic
This extension has the potential to be the best library extension for joomla around! I used their forum a few times for help and they were really helpful. When they tell you they will help you asap, then trust me, they'll help asap! Excellent and quick support.