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bypatlee, May 22, 2014
I found the software to be incredible and am still stunned that one can obtain such fabulous programming and function for the mere price of a little support.

Yes I did need a little bit of help but relatively minor and it was delivered clear and easy to carry out.

The videos provided step you through the process of setting up and in the honor of disclosure.. had I watched the last one more closely I would have actually avoided the need for much help at all. (and what I did ask for was some customization tips)

Bravo.. I totally recommend this software. It's brilliant and the support is polite, exact and exemplary.
bypatlee, June 7, 2011
Briefcase Factory
I bought this extension to perform some specific file sharing tasks and it's doing them perfectly. It installed in a click, it was fairly easy to find the right settings for my usage, and it looks pretty good if you use a template to begin with. The few appearance modifications I needed to make were not hard to figure out.

There are so few additions to Joomla that allow for this type of file functionality, I found the price well worth the expenditure, and the couple wee questions I had.. were answered pretty darn fast and very nicely (and thoroughly).

Thumbs up for sure.
bypatlee, March 16, 2011
Global Flash Galleries
I like this setup and give the software and developers full points (EXCELLENT).

Where I became confused.. was on the website. It's not clear that you download the actual component separately a free area. So I toiled for a few hours before writing in. It was then that I found out I was missing a piece. (and they got back to me with in minutes I might add)

So all I would change... is the site to make that more clear. The software has a clean and fast interface. I like that it has a preview so you don't HAVE to hook up a link until you are done.

Very cool.
bypatlee, September 9, 2010
Account Expiration Control
Having commissioned custom software for all kinds of sites (joomla and non) I have to say, this is one a good buy. No it's not free, nor should it be, this is the kind of programming that would cost ooodles to have built for just yourself.

The installation is simple, no tricks needed, or surprises presented at all.

The learning curve is there, but there is good documentation, and the support is fabulous should you need it. Fast and accurate, and that's also something I don't mind paying for, after all, I'm using this software to ... make money. Conveniently.

Once you have walked through a few processes (and successfully linked to them) it makes sense. It allows for almost any payment need to be fulfilled, and includes almost any payment module you can imagine.

This is one of the best component buys I've come across to date. I'm going to by it again, there is never a shortage of sites that can benefit from this software.
I like this software, I have purchased the Pro version twice, and have pushed it to clients as a great idea.

Unfortunate I now have a large corporate client that believed me, and had me buy and install it. It worked fine till the upgrade last week. Upon upgrading ... the site died, I was fine to have to re-install and start over but the new package does not install on this system (even with all requirements met).

All that would be fine too if the support was Pro, but it's not. Weekends off, and the forums don't always allow you to post.. but they won't answer emails. I have another client that wants it but I'm hesitant, and they still have not fixed forum access or emailed for support after a week.

So basically, it's great if you don't really need it.