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RSform Pro
I must admit, for the first 10 minutes after buying this i felt a deep pain for paying for something that i downloaded.

But i don't care, this is far more than worth it! I have always been looking for something like this and i never found it. This is perfect, just perfect! It is extremely customizable, easy to set up and the design is nice and simple so it will blend in with the design i have for my website.

I have no regrets for paying for this product and i recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy but VERY professional form for Joomla!.

5 stars. Bravo!
bypatrickdeamorim, October 13, 2009
I'm sorry about the caps title, i have created an account here just to comment on this little extention.
This is the most useful extension i ever ran across!
I'm a website developer and when people have asked me before to create an e-store, i hated it because i can not stand virtue mart, it's too complicated and has way too many things i don't need.
This is simple, works beautifully and gives me what i want and nothing more and it will save me many, many hours.