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bypatvb, February 24, 2014
Testimonial Fader
I had a conflict with the module and other modules on the template I was using. Infyways responded within minutes, and had the issue resolved even faster! I'm still learning the settings, but it appears to be a clean, simple fading testimonial module, which is exactly what I wanted for the site I'm working on. Thanks, Infyways!
bypatvb, December 15, 2012
This plugin does what it says it will do, takes you back to the previous page, no matter how the reader accessed the article.

Thank you!
bypatvb, September 20, 2012
Facebook Wall Feeds
We installed this on a site, and the Like button was missing. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, but after contacting Vipin about the problem, he had a fix on the site within 12 hours! Great service, great module == I will buy from Vipin again because I know he stands behind what he sells.
Force Password Change
Based on the previous review I contacted SourceCoast's forum and asked them about this. They responded quickly and told me since the passwords are encrypted and obscure, it wasn't fail proof, but a very useful plugin. And that is the truth!! We needed a way for us to set up accounts for our consultants to log in to the site, but change their password the first time they went there. And this does the job.

It is a free plugin, that I would gladly have paid for. This works easily, and will make my life easier for being there.

Thanks goes to Alex and his super response in the forum for this free plugin. I am already a customer of some of their extensions, and love they know what customer service really means.

Pat Vanden Bosche
Contact Enhanced Component
Douglas was extremely helpful with some issues I had with the contact form, some modifications my client wanted. The Contact Enhanced extension is great, but the service is even better.

I loved that he sent me the code snippets and told me where to find everything, so I learned a lot about his extension so I can find the changes myself next time.

Anyone can use this on their site, and if you get stuck, Douglas Machado is "service" personified! No wonder his extension has a score of 4.95 on here.

Pat Vanden Bosche
bypatvb, February 7, 2012
Admin branding
I've used this plugin quite a bit in my Joomla 1.5 sites, and loved how I was able to add my own touch to each site I developed. The plugin was easy to use and understand.

I'm setting up my first Joomla 2.5 site, and was very happy to see this plugin was all ready to go for Joomla 2.5. I ran into some display problems, and notified CodeBoxR right away. Sabuj Kundu got back to me when his day began and worked on the issues right away. (We are on opposite sides of the world.) I am very happy with the responsiveness of the company and will be using it on all my sites for Joomla 2.5. Highly recommended!

I too would like to see functionality added to be able to personalize the Offline Message page so it is easy to make this page look like it belongs to the new site. This would make the plugin complete.
bypatvb, January 10, 2012
This extension for testimonials is exactly what I was looking for since it offered text, video and audio testimonials. The options available you can set yourself in the backend are great so it will look good with your template. But that's not the real story here. I had a cosmetic issue and some javascript issues with Internet Explorer, and opened a thread in the forum, and am blown away with the support I received from John in fixing the issues. He went way beyond the "call of duty" to address the issues and also sent a detailed response so I knew exactly what he did in case there were any future problems. He was super responsive, and really knows what it means to provide service to customers. In a perfect world all Joomla extension developers would be like this! I will not hesitate to try more extensions from NinjaForge. Alledia can be proud to have their company associated with this extension too. Thanks, John, I won't forget this experience!!
bypatvb, December 29, 2011
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
This extension is easy to conform to your own color scheme, works smoothly, offers options that we needed, but the best part is the support. I wanted a nested menu system for an accordion menu to save space. When I contacted Daniel about how to make this happen, he made modifications directly to our CSS file and made it happen! My client is happy, and I look brilliant! And on top of that, Daniel told me exactly what file he made the change in so I can manage it myself directly.

No extension is any better than the support behind it, and Daniel took his time to help us get the look we wanted. So you have to wait a day for a response... what do you expect when you are on opposite sides of the planet???

This extension rocks!

Pat Vanden Bosche
I love how easy it was to set up products and set shipping rates. No tricky configuration screens, no confusing image issues. It came with several basic modules and checkout is really professional looking too. I'm a Virtuemart convert!
I'm in the process of creating a Joomla website for someone who already started the website in Joomla, but wasn't satisfied with the result. So when I saw all the articles they had already created, I groaned about having to retype all of them. So I started my search to find a Joomla exgtension that would speed up the process. After reading the great reviews already online about J2XML, I knew I found the best answer to my prayers.

Actually it turned out to be even better than I expected! The hosting company for the client's site uses an unusual ftp protocol, SFTP, and I thought I would never get it to work, but it worked in spite of my worries. I can't recommend this highly enough. Add another great extension to my toolbox. Now I'm on my way to make a donation.

Great Job!!!! And thank you for keeping it so easy.

Pat Vanden Bosche
This is by far the best blogging extension on the market today for Joomla websites. It was easy to install, and came with good documentation as well. It is easy enough for my clients (including my husband) to use with hardly any difficulty.

But the best part is the even better service Stack Ideas provides. I had several minor issues with an upgrade today, and Stack Ideas was extremely responsive to my barrage of trouble tickets.

I am going to add to my list of "must have" extensions for Joomla.

Owner's reply

Hey Pat,

Thank you very much for the kind words and we are really happy that you've added us into your "Must have" list :)

bypatvb, February 22, 2011
Qlue Broken Link Checker
I knew I needed a good link checker tool that would check all the links inside my Joomla website, and that I could recommend to my clients as well. After all, good SEO practices (and just good sense!) tells you that it's not good to have broken links of any kind on your site. It makes you and your business look less than professional.

When I did a search online for just such a tool for a Joomla website, and found the Qlue Link Checker extension, I figured it couldn't be that good since no one had recommended it. So I kept looking online, and just didn't find anything else that claimed to be able to do what this extension does.

I installed it, and was more than pleasantly surprised when I ran my first scan on my own site. After all, how could I recommend it to my clients if I didn't use it myself! I couldn't believe the broken links this extension found. In fact my very words were simply, "Wow!"

This is going into my toolchest of must-have extensions for all my website installations I do from now on. I hope they keep the price low so it's affordable. Great job!
bypatvb, February 2, 2011
JobGrok Premium
I installed this product on a client's site (almost two years) where they list job postings for the State Dept. and everything has to be very exact. My client loved it... and it was easy to use. If an extension is not easy to use, I've found my clients DON'T use it. And JobGrok worked great until I upgraded to the latest version this past week.

The client needed to be able to increase the size of the job requirements text, and Bob was super in doing just that within a few hours after we made contact.

Also, after the upgrade the menu items didn't link correctly to JobGrok pages. Once identified as a conflict with sh404SEF, I enabled the core Joomla SEF URLs, and everything worked again. Bob is going to work on that, but in the meantime there is a very adequate work-around.

The reason I wanted to leave a review of the product, besides the fact it works great, is that Bob really understands what Customer Service means. He was quick to respond, extremely courteous and helpful in getting everything working correctly. Any extension developer who responds that way to my problems is someone I would not hesitate to recommend to everyone.

Bottom line is, if you need a job listing component for your website, this is a great extension, and you can count on great support.
bypatvb, December 10, 2010
Ultimate Feed Display
I am integrating two separate databases in a Joomla website for a Chamber of Commerce using Chamber Master rss feeds. Using a feed display module was important. I was reluctant to try it out since it was a commercial module, but the price was not steep at all.

Boy, am I glad I chose this exension! It was perfect for my needs, and incorporates into the beautifully. I promise you won't be disappointed in functionality or style. This will become a mandatory tool in my toolbox from here on out.
bypatvb, October 20, 2010
It isn't often I am so VERY pleased with a simple plugin, but this one made my life ever so much easier in the Joomla universe when I found it. I have pulled my hair out trying to overcome the problems with code being stripped out, and rendered useless. But I finally decided to see if there was an easier way to add some scripting code. Heck, it even added a Source button at the bottom of my JCE editor screens! I'm VERY happy!! Highly recommended. In fact, I am adding this plugin to my list of "must installs" for every Joomla project I work on.
KA Facebook Fanbox Pro
I had to enter a review for this plugin after struggling for several days trying to find the right extension that would allow readers to share this website with their Facebook friends. This worked right out of the box, and now I can go back and tweak it to work exactly the way I need it.

I added this to a client's website who didn't have a clue what I meant when I asked himm to get me an API key for his Facebook page. Then I asked him to set up a Page for his business. That didn't seem to work either. So finally I tried to log in as him on his Facebook page, and discovered that the version of Facebook he was using (in Spain/UK) didn't have that option. (I am in US.) He had set up a Group, and there was no way to even add another Administrator.

But this plugin was simple, worked exactly the way I needed it to. Thanks! Well worth the nominal fee for the extension. And highly recommended.

Pat Vanden Bosche
Event Registration Pro
When my client came to me and asked for a registration extension for a Joomla website, I was sure there would be something that could come close to fitting their needs, but that some modifications would need to be done. It would need to be able to tie in with Paypal for payments, display a calendar to show what dates were still available, and offer a coupon/discount system for more than one type of discount. I found this extension, and not only did it have what I needed, it had more than I knew I needed!

The installation was easy, the configuration was very intuitive, and it was installed and running within a few hours. I couldn't sleep so decided to work on the website -- and my client woke up to this portion of the site ready for them to start using.

I highly recommend this extension and Joomla Showroom. I expect it will only keep getting better.
bypatvb, February 8, 2010
One of the most important things for SEO in Joomla is getting rid of the long strings that are built for URLs, and have shorter, more English sounding URLs for the search engines. This extension does just that, and does it well.

I can see why a novice may have trouble with it since you have to make and modify the .htaccess file, but if you have a good ftp program, you can figure it out. Or go to a forum and ask for assistance.

I had the hardest time initially getting the Joomla provided SEF URLs to work correctly, but once I had that figured out, I was determined to make this sh404SEF work -- after all, it always made it in the top 10 list of extensions!

It is well worth the small fee to purchase the license and follow the instructions you will see on the successful installation page. Clue: print that page!

I love the smaller URLs, much better for search engine optimization, and the ease of use. And now this extension is in my top 10 list too!
bypatvb, January 8, 2007
Never mind this is a super product, the best thing I can say about the developers is they are extremely responsive if you encounter a problem. Keep up the good work!