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Account Expiration Control
This component is pretty powerful and you can tell that a lot of time and thought went into its development. The problem is the learning curve is rather steep and the documentation is not laid out very well at all. It seems as though the most important aspects of this component are poorly documented while the not so important items are documented well, if you can find what you are looking for.

Moving on to the support. You have to pay for a membership to the site, and pay more for ticket support. The site has a forum that has a broken search feature. You can sift through posts manually until you find something close to what you are looking for but even then most topics go unanswered. The paid ticket support is pretty much useless as a ticket I submitted 6 days ago has not even been responded back to. Even after I told them that I was able to find the answers myself (after no response) and that I wasn't going to need the support and was inquiring if I could get my money back for the paid support that was never given.

Anyhow to wrap this up. Component itself is good. Support and documentation is very poor. I think this has great potential but more effort will need to be put into documentation. The paid support should just be dropped since no response is given to a ticket that you have to pay to submit (at least in my experience). If I was going to do this all over again or if somebody asked my opinion on what was the superior component for controlling paid memberships or subscriptions I would recommend something else.
bypaublo, April 27, 2010
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First off this component installed with no issues, the first indicator its descent. Secondly it does exactly as what is was described to do.

Great job guys!!!