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bypauca, June 13, 2013
TheOnDv TweetDisplay
Simple as this extensions comes, it simply does not work. I installed it on my joomla 2.5 website , published it and got a series of question marks on my frontend display of the tweet module. I adjusted height and width settings in many variations but nothing seems to work. No this one is simply ot ready for use.
bypauca, April 19, 2012
After having used GTranslate that ruins the design of your template, this module really adjusted the design in a neat way and also gives you the choice how to display the module itself in 4 different ways. Great extension that works straight out of the box.
bypauca, April 17, 2012
Whatever the power of the translation seems to be, when it destroys the design of your website this module is not worth be taken serious. I am using quality Rocket Theme templates but nothing of the design is being respected by this module.
bypauca, November 2, 2011
Freestyle Testimonials
I have worked with it and I love the simplicity and the functionality of this extension, BUT..I can not believe that you can not change the order of testimonials without having to reupload the entire serie of testimonials..I think that is a big blunder..Too bad! if that would be fixed I would give 5 stars
bypauca, February 15, 2011
Vip Portfolio
Took me extra time to figure out what gallery was what. Simply adding a name to your images would certainly help. The documentation is very poor and not complete. The demo page has no description whatsoever starting with the image menu what should be mentioned. An extension is as good as its documentation therefore I can't give more than 2 stars.
bypauca, January 21, 2011
It just does what a slider needs to do and smart development also on the javascript library choices on the backend. I had tons of issues with yoo-scroller, the rockettheme-scrollers that dont autoslide, this extension is simply awesome! Thanks developers to contribute to open source and have this not commercialised (yet).
bypauca, October 22, 2010
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
After trying out tons of Joomla Captcha extensions I have found this one the only to work on my site.
Keep up the good work! Excellent job.
Owner's reply

Of course! ;-)


bypauca, October 22, 2010
Joo ReCaptcha
Works fine on contact form but refuses to appear on login registration form. Therefore no more than 3 stars.
bypauca, August 27, 2010
SWFobject module
I have tried this module with a header with flash and xml from, but it sadly doesnt work due to the fact that there isnt anay xml exporting into swf or any way to manipulate that in this module. maybe in the near future?
Owner's reply

hi, pauca!
of course there is way to communicate flash with xml, you just have to define your variables and make the appropriate calls...

bypauca, April 23, 2010
I still give it a 5 star because I know it is a module that should be a Joomla core element. A CMS is only powerful when one can do anything in any position with it. Joomla is a little bit stiff, but thanks to this developer made flexible.
For me though as non-php coder chose joomla cms because of its easy to use, hardly having to use to much coding, but unfortunatly now has to face again the hard to understand PHP codes in this module. If only the maker could create a YouTube video and show me how to write the correct php lines for each use, it would be perfect..
bypauca, March 9, 2009
Phoca Gallery
I like everything what Phoca galery offers: Its easy to install, good balanced organised interface, clear desciption and good working interaction with joomla in general.
But...for photographers, designers who have always a sharp eye for detail, it gives bad rendered images that are way too low in quality. Most large pictures are resized in I think jpeg 30 quality which was 10 years ago good enough, but today it is way too low. There isnt any way to improve or change the settings in Phoca galery itself, so theres no other way left then to FTP upload self improved and edit images in the image folders yourself. That makes the entire gallery not worth to install anylonger.
Owner's reply

Hi, there is no jpeg 30 but jpeg 85 as default. Next time please ask in the Phoca Forum about features, because this (settting quality for jpeg) is ready yet (in version 2.2.3) and the 2.2.3 should be completed and released soon (I hope it will be released before this answer will be published :-) )