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bypaulw, September 6, 2014
It was a blessing finding this extension. And it was even more a blessing that the team supported me quickly in my every need.

Now, with this extension, my client can simply update spreadsheets and load them to the server (through me maybe) and then tabulizer puts the data/info on the site in the neat and attractive format specified by my tabulizer ruleset definitions.
bypaulw, September 5, 2014
Vertical Content Accordion
The extension is a module. In the module you enter your titles and text content to be used in the accordion. There are other fields to format the accordion.

This is not a plugin to be used within an article. So, the content of the accordion must be managed within the module and it is not a WYSIWYG editor you are using.

Having said that the results look great and can be inserted into an article by inserting this standard Joomla thingy inside your article {loadposition XYZ} where XYZ is the position from which you want to pull all module content assigned to that position.

I asked a couple questions and Rajesh send me a very quick response with both an answer as well as a recommended change to my CSS for a problem I was having.

Great stuff!
Owner's reply

Thank you Paul! :)

bypaulw, February 25, 2013
Profile Pro for JomSocial
I used the demo on Joomduck and decided to purchase. Although it definitely needs some documentation, it's quite a useful component. I sent email questions several times to support and got very helpful, friendly answers.