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bypava, October 14, 2014
JLex Block
Excellent component, and really you can make password for everything, just for article, category, component, home page, all site, for one language.... Last interface its great so for me one of the best Joomla component. Good work.
bypava, April 1, 2014
Very good component, with many settings. Also working nice on mobile, but for me missing one very important thing. Can not rotate image. Problem its that in my PC I see fine image / automatically reed Exid data / but when upload to server, image its not rotate. How I can rotate and fix this? This is reason that I give 4 stars but with this fix can give cool 10.
bypava, October 18, 2013
Screen Reader
Working perfect and support is very fast. We are foundation for support to artistic and social activities of the blind children, and developer give us extension like present, so help many blind children. Thanks again John.
bypava, June 5, 2013
DP calendar I use 3-4 years and last version is very good. Support also is constant excellent so I don't see any reason to don't buy this excellent component.
bypava, October 22, 2012
Reports for VirtueMart
Nice component, but if you like to use another language than English, you will have problem. There is not complete language file to translate. Very strange. From support they sent to me English, German and French to translate on my language but no complete.... So, if you like to spent 4 hours to search translate in php, good luck. This is message from support: I'm sorry, we don't have another language file other than something that I've sent you.
We don't use an English translation file, because the component is in English natively and so those strings need not be translated.
Owner's reply

Hi Pava, Thank you for the review and for using our component!
To clear up any misunderstandings, the component is fully translatable and has already been translated by our users to German, French and Portugese.
Since these are user translations, at times some new text might not be translated and show up in English on the component, and in this case it's easily translatable without needing to look at the code and see what key it is - the key is simply the english text itself (for example - "First name" is "COM_IMREPORTS_FIRST_NAME"). We believe this method makes it easier to translate because you see the strings in context, but it's a matter of taste.
Hopefully we can also work out the Czech translation together :)

bypava, October 2, 2012
I am very unhappy that have to give one star for what use 5 years. Situation of VM for now is alfa or max. beta. But we wait for this long, long time. Many thngs is not working. You can not ordering product by hand, can not cancel, remove custom fields if you add for product. Also can not remove Parent & Child Products / for this find solution on forum it was css bug in admin/ ... And for many things have to look in forums, try to find on internet. Like before many years with version 1.1 Things have to going better, not opposite. Also admin, and to make something with product size, weight, custom things... Its not friendly and logic. Uf.
Owner's reply

Hi, I can see you are a serial reviewer, thank you for taking the time to review Virtuemart VM2, your issues seem to be relating to many different areas of the products use.

I would be interested to understand if you did a fresh install, or upgraded and what versions you are using.

Whilst the forums do offer an extensive amount of help, they can sometimes be a little daunting. For a product to offer such a high level of possibilities it can sometimes seems impossible to understand, some people experience issues when they are trying to customise the product, however we are confident that in most cases, an out of the box Virtuemart 2 provides you with products and categories operating in a way to get you started and trading quickly.

bypava, September 6, 2012
Facebook Like Promotion
Very good module and Is working fine. If like more and more Facebook fan, this is very interesting way to do it. Support is excellent, so I am very happy.
bypava, May 16, 2012
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
This is really magic module. Very good work, valide, very clever, many language ... Long time didnt see something better. Just one thing - developer have to make more easy shoping - form is with many fields and on finish signature ... was fanny because its just 11 €. Spent lot of time to by it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for great review. We are making new site with new simpler payment process.
Next we are going to add more features to contact form, like storing data in component database with ability to export and viewing emails in Joomla administration.

bypava, May 16, 2012
Sponsor Wall
This component I use, but its not valid. Need to complete repair. Its with table, not have central style, they insert in code language, and .... Also in admin / what is very important / you can not make sort, what partner is first, second ... I am looking in mysql, but very fanny, but not possible to sort. Support, they answer to me after 48 hours. / they have holiday /. After two post-answer they start to be very nervosity. All complete need more work.
Owner's reply

We already updated Component and resolve many suggestions , over 500+ customers using Sponsor wall Component No worry we will check it again and try to make more perfect thanks for your time and co-operation with us.

bypava, May 15, 2012
Qlue Custom 404
Very good component and can recomend for all site. Working perfect ans support is fast.
bypava, May 14, 2012
In first time, support is perfect, but component ... its in alfa version. Not working how is in documents, also can not have two modules in one page with this plugin. Very hardly to use. I know another / will not write name / and is free and working much better. I take out 20 € and hope for better component. Harita.
bypava, April 16, 2012
jAnswers Factory
I will not use "Extremely Primitive" but Extremely not good work. For this price, example, icons is not transparent and in grey background is white. When I saw icon: report as abusive, in first time I think that is doing some speak method / because icon is really strange / also all work, color, style - is not align, something is on left, something on to, button ... chaos. Sorry, for free is expensive script.
Owner's reply

You have to make the proper adjustments in order to suit your personal Joomla template! They are millions of templates out-there and we cannot match automatically to each style, CSS and layout.

We added new specially designed product themes, which are fully customizable in order to suit any webmaster's need.

bypava, April 11, 2012
One click registration
Very good, clever and user friendly with many settings. This is what I try to find long time. Simple registration. Thank you, if we can donate you ... post donate link.
bypava, March 23, 2012
Freestyle Support
Very good extension. Its not classical support ticket, so can use for many things.
bypava, March 1, 2012
Very simple but very good component. This is really what I need. Support is excellent and for this small money very good choice.
bypava, October 31, 2011
Sure that sh404SEF can be better and better ..., but excellent is not all for component than for Jimie and support forum. Good Component and excellent support.
bypava, October 5, 2011
Smart Slider 2
Very good work. Slider can use for article, video, image, products... And is working fine, continually. Support is great , and what need more !
bypava, September 13, 2011
AJAX Dock Cart for VirtueMart
From Offlajn I both and try think everything what they producing. I think just not yet original Hungarian fish paprikas. Very good support and great work. This module is attractive and save place for basket. Working Excellent.
bypava, July 1, 2011
xForms Display Records
After try free version, I both Commercial and again can again just confirm that all component from is perfect. Support help me with extra things for me, really quick respond. I can just fully recommend this component.
bypava, May 5, 2011
Mosaic Product Slider
This is Magic module for VM. Magic with big M because all application from Offlajn is Magic. Last version of M.P. Slider is very good because you have many setting for change color, size, choice each product and ... Also support is Magic, very fast. Full recommended for everybody who like to have nice VM shop.
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