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bypcleek, February 6, 2014
-Component works great and out of the box.
-Support is excellent (Rokgallery added to sitemap by developper in less then 24 hours)
-Good documentation.
-Submitting sitemaps to Google, Bing etc. worked without any errors or warnings wich is nice (i've tried others, trust me)
-Best (few) dollars i ever spent for an extension.
Kind regards
bypcleek, May 17, 2012
Best (few) bucks i ever spent for an extension. Excellent support, Great component.
bypcleek, April 11, 2012
Glad to see this extension is 2.5 now! I really missed it.
Note to the developper: Pls use another donating system. I've read u only got 45 dollars from donations. Considder using paypal or another payment system. I would have dontated if i did not had to enter my cellphone number.
bypcleek, August 5, 2011
I am using this extension directory for more then 5 years now, and just like the most users here, i pay for extensions sometimes. Memberships, donations? I've seen and used them all! Sadly enough not all developers are as professional as these guys! i tried several commenting extensions and even paid for them, unfortunately none of them seemed to work as i expected. Bugs, lack of support, messing up templates? Been there seen that. If i pay for an extension, i want to install it, set the options, and use it since i have a very poor knowledge of CSS, php and stuff like that.
I recommend RS Comments to all Joomla users. -Excellent support (within hours)
-Easy to use and setup
-User friendly website
-Works out of the box
-Need extra options witch are not integrated? u can ask them (ticket)
Worth every cent.
bypcleek, April 30, 2010
I installed this plugin and it worked out of the box. Easy to install and set-up but unforunatly when i am not logged in at Facebook the text is displayed in English on the website wich is not the language my website is build in. Maybe adding a language file of autodetect language function would be nice in future release. Not sure if its possible tho since i am not an expert at those things. Anyway, a verry nice plugin.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words. There are no language files for Like at this time. Perhaps in the future. I don't know what Facebook has to do with this though?!?!?