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bypcoussa, September 24, 2012
If you want a non fuss way to imclude a sitemap, then this is the component you should add to every Joomla site you manage/create.

Create the sitemap through the component, link to it through one of your menus (normally Sitemap) and you get an HTML linkable sitemap to each page of your site. Monkey business EASY!!!! Congrats to the developers!!
bypcoussa, September 10, 2012
Don't be scared of Analytics. Using this plugin makes the process so simple t crazy easy!!! Download it, install, add your analytics code (WebID) and you're done!

That easy!!
bypcoussa, May 21, 2012
Web Fonts
Exactly what I was looking for! If you know your CSS selectors then this component will do the job admirably.

Give it a crack people!!!
bypcoussa, May 21, 2012
ACL Manager
This is without a doubt the type of core component that should be included in Joomla! However, this component is absolutely fantastic and works like a charm to keep people away from admin tasks that they shouldn't see.

This is absolutely worth the money you pay for it if you want to have control over who sees what in the backend.

If you are a programmer that needs this kinbd of functionality in the backend then this is the only piece of software you should try. WELL DONE to the developers!
bypcoussa, February 20, 2012
JoomBah Jobs
We bought this extension after the amount of reviews we read. Set up is very easy and everything makes sense.

Upon a new user registering everything goes fine and they are sent a confirmation email (like we wanted). They then click on the email to activate their account - again no problem.

The problem comes from the fact that once they have activated their account they should be able to log in, right? Well that doesn't happen because Joombah refuses to attach any user to a group. I have checked the settings umpteen times and I can safely say it is not my set up.

I have tried getting a user to sign up without Joombah installed and it works no problem. Do the authors have any ideas?
bypcoussa, June 8, 2011
I downloaded this extension and have tried ot on my site. Worked first go and was very easy to set up. I found no problem with the HTML nor the CSS. Like I said, so good so far!