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bype7er, May 8, 2014
This plugin does the job (merging CSS & JS) which increases your website's speed. The plugin has many parameters to fully tailor your merging needs (e.g. exclude some JS file).

Note: If you encounter any issue with this plugin, go to Joomla's Plugin Manager and moved this system plugin to the end of the system plugins.
A client of mine from the chemical industry wanted chemical formulas in article & menu titles. However, Joomla does not allow HTML tags in article & menu item titles. It filters those out upon saving.

With Rereplacer I added my own tags (#sub#) and had those replaced with HTML tags (). So H#sub#2#/sub#O becomes H2O.

So thanks to this extension my customer now can have chemical formulas in their article titles & menu items. Thanks!
bype7er, December 4, 2012
Akeeba Backup
We all know that it's necessary to make back-ups of your website. Or at least, we we should all know that. Even if your hosting provider creates back-ups for you it's wise to do it yourself once in a while.

Akeeba Backup saves you time & hassle with creating back-ups of your website.

And with Akeeba's restore tool "kickstart.php" you can easily restore a backup. I'd also recommend to use that tool to create test environments on other (e.g. local) servers for testing purposes.

bype7er, December 4, 2012
Excellent extension to edit articles. Easy to configure & easy to use.

You can optimize the editor button bar from usability point of view so that your site's editors only have the buttons they need. E.g. I'd recommend to remove the font chooser & color buttons: use CSS styles instead! It will save you time when you change the template in the future (and you won't have to change all hard coded font settings from your articles).

btw: I also use the commercial JCE addons from the same developer which make it easier to add photos & documents to your content.
bype7er, December 4, 2012
ACL Manager
Excellent tool to configure & manage Access Rights to your site's Resources. ACL Manager saves you a lot of time and hassle. Recommended!