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bypedigopa, October 1, 2013
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Joomla team, seriously, this needs to be part of the core feature of Joomla. Invaluable when developing a website for clients with MANY menu items. Every noNumbers component I use, installs easily and works out of the box. Peter van Westen, you are a genius! Give that man a cookie.
bypedigopa, July 23, 2012
I was excited to find this extension as it was exactly the solution I needed for a site I am developing, but my excitement was short lived. I have since installed this component on four different web servers, including a local machine, all running the required configuration to support Mappa, but it doesn't work on any of them. I have tried numerous times to contact the developer for help and haven't even gotten a "We're looking into it," response (it has been over two weeks).

Great idea guys, but poor implementation + poor support = bad review.
bypedigopa, July 23, 2012
This plugin was easy to setup and works flawlessly. The developer was also easy to contact with any questions and has even addressed my only issue with the plugin in the next release!
bypedigopa, July 24, 2011
Very Simple Image Rotator
Thank you! It seems every image rotator that works with 1.6+ has all the bells and whistles and ignores the basics, like a simple random, fading image rotator.