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bypedrotorresfilho, December 10, 2008
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I can't imagine my website without this extension anymore.

This plugin moved my website fron stone age to technology days...

Two single strings generously offered by the support team from ReReplacer turn my articles photos from wich are RSS feeded thumbnails in full sized photos removing anoying tags from html line.

I couldn't believe when my entire website photos turn from small scracthes photos to real size photos and bring me the ability to my own software to make my own flash thumnails and offer to my visitors.

The visual upgrade was incredible and the most important, all this improvement was done with two single string line of code inserted on ReReplace, one single time.


I became a big fan of NoNumber products. These are really smart, intelligent and objective products and best support ever !

Do not hesitate. It works. Doesn't have any bugs. Is easy to install and you have just to learn a little about hex strings. (all information about it are provided by NoNumber support team and forum)

NoNumber, I love you !
Owner's reply

Thanks for the flattering report :)
By 'hex strings' you mean regular expressions. Yeah, for the more custom and dynamic things you want to change in your website, a little regex knowledge is a plus. But if you don't know how, you can always ask me...

If you want to see more and better stuff being produced by NoNumber, donations are very welcome and help a lot.

bypedrotorresfilho, December 9, 2008
Blank Module
I'm using this two months already and forgot to tell everyone how much I liked it !
For now, I'm only using it in myblog. To insert the Technoratti cod that is displayed at left side in my blog.
Soon, I'll do some copies of this mod to insert others codes too.
It's light and fast loading, no bugs at all !
Really nice work, Congratulations !