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bypelister, November 29, 2011
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Admin Forever
Wonderful plugin, saves me from the moments of insanity when I come to know that I have been kicked out of Joomla session while trying to save my article after editing it for a long time..

Now this really saves me from those moments where my head cracks off.

Moreover I had problem with Xcloner backup which logs out automatically and I coudnt backup the site. even this problem is also solved now.

This must be a core part of Joomla.

Thanks to the author of this plugin.
bypelister, November 6, 2011
K2 the whole component and its functionality is superb. K2 takes Joomla to the next level. Really happy with its function, power of article creation.

one thing bothers every K2 users is the Search function. Because Search provided by K2 does not work for the following

- cannot search with tags.
but filters the article by tag, when a tag that is displayed below the article is clicked. doesnt return any result when the same is used in search box.

- cannot search with user names
but filters articles by user when username is clicked

- cannot search with category names.

- and I couldnt find any fix for it

apart from this lag K2 is excellent. if developers of K2 improvise the search it would be the best component ever.

used applications
Joomla 1.7.2
K2 2.5.1