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bypelloq1, February 15, 2014
Freestyle Support
I write excellent solution, because not only the product is excellent...
Also the technical support of the developer is on of the best I see.
Several time I asked for little missing features, and the developer added it or explained me how to add it (through the plugin system). Realy THE solution for the support and documentation !
bypelloq1, November 5, 2013
This extension provide complex features, but is easy to install, configure and use. This is the first impression. And worth 5* ... this was my first impression.
But after several weeks of usage in real environment, the first missing features began to appear :
- the taxes feature are not usable. Because you can for example provide a 5% taxes for payment processor (like paypal), but this tax is added to the total of the purchase, and NOT as tax in paypal receipt. The user that buy a 100$ product will see finaly the product costs 105$ and not 100$ + 5$ taxes. The support answer : display a text message that explain the price to user...
- the report feature : there is a powerful report tool that display sales in many view with graphics, how many piece sell by week, by month, ... But there is NO totaling feature... you cannot know after one week/ month/ year how many sell amount you have and for how many money. Knowing how many you earn in a particular period should be a basic feature. Support answer : add this to feedback/wishes list
- There is no order number to identify the purchase for the user. After asking support they added 2 new key order id, and paypal hash number. But not all user pay trough paypal (wire), and the order number is the database auto increment number. 1, 2, 3,..., 100, 101, ... this cannot be usable because we dont want to show to our customer the number of sales ... A complex random numbering (alphanumbering) should be better.
- also (and this is not part of the rating, because we know it berfore buying, there is no module with the product. This is a shame, because it should be great to see the subscription associated to one particular product on the product page.
Finally, a good point to the support because it's a part of the purchase.
Owner's reply

While you are entitled to your own opinion, having high expectations does not mean that our extension deserves 3 stars.
Let's recap:

- Taxes. You insisted the tax to be displayed BEFORE the subscriber selects his payment method. Bare in mind that this tax is added based on the payment method selected.

- Reports. Although I agree that more reports are needed, you were actually the first user to ask for this, that's why we've asked you to add it in the Feedback section. If more users ask for a feature we consider implementing it, but we can't implement everything everyone thinks should be "normal" or "basic".

- Order numbers. Even though we do not provide customizations, we've added the two placeholders for your convenience, free of charge. It's a shame that you did not follow up and decided to just close the ticket. You'd be amazed to find out that, if you want to hide how many orders have been made (I don't see the point in doing this, but that's my point of view), you can always adjust the AUTO_INCREMENT value in your database to a random number. There's no point in a complex order numbering system - things are supposed to be easy. How about a customer phones you regarding order X2JKKSD84123DS? Do you think it would be easier if he'd pronounce "order number 233"?
The "order hash" placeholder does not refer to PayPal only. It refers to what the Payment Gateway returns as the unique order/transaction ID. If you were using PayPal, then yes, it's the unique transaction ID PayPal returns.

- Modules. No requests for modules until now. Again, this could have been added to the Feedback section.

The only reason for this review was because we refused adding the above requests (on demand). We like to help our customers and even go beyond what the Support Policy implies (even helping them when the errors they're facing have nothing to do with our extensions) - but there's a limit to what we can and are willing to do. You're purchasing support for this extension, not custom development.