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bypembrokewcorgi, November 4, 2012
Phoca Guestbook
I started using this extension some time ago. I have kept up with any updates. I have worked with the spamming information they provided. In the past month, I have received thousands and I mean thousands of spam messages. It is hard to find the good ones among the spam. I have changed the different captcha items, randomized it and still the spam pours in. I have used the IP blocking section and I cannot keep up with inputting all the new IPs into it. I am not sure it is even working or I have missed a comma somewhere that has messed things up. I really did like this extension, but I cannot keep up with the spam. If they ever implement a way to quickly block an IP from the message, I would consider using them again. Overall this extension blended in well with the look of my website, but I just cannot deal with the popularity that has come with spammers of late.
bypembrokewcorgi, March 5, 2012
Did exactly what I needed it to do. Simple install and usability. Thank you!