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bypepperstreet, July 18, 2012
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I used each and every content construction extension out there. No doubt, they all have their strengths, benefits and weaknesses. Somehow, its possible to build an extended content type in any of them. It really depends on the project and your needs. Custom type building and submission is common to all of them...

But did you think about how visiters browse and search your extended content types?

In my humble opinion, these are the major reasons to use COBALT as your Joomla CCK:

- Advanced Search and Filters
(total results are shown before any search is made)
- Multiple Types per section
- Moderator Manager & Notifications
- Template-based in all parts

Definitely try it out – it's FREE!

Even more advanced modules and fields can be purchased seperately for lifetime! or accessed via club membership. Check them out as well!

- Parent & Child relations!
- SSI (Simple Sale Interface)
- Geo Field & Distance Search
- ...


If K2 is an extended com_content, and ZOO is the pretty iPhone of a content component... than MintJoomla COBALT is more like Drupal7 Fields and the exposed filters of Views ;-)

I have to repeat myself and I will use the same statement I used for its pre-decessor "ME Resources": This Extension makes Joomla! a full-fledged CMS and ContentBuilder.
bypepperstreet, June 4, 2012
Background Gallery Pro
Overall a good solution to integrate the famous SuperSized jquery gallery. It works as intended, so why do i rate it just 4 Stars? Because there are different alternative solutions available. Also a free one! And there is a similar product on module basis, which has some extra parameters not found in the original script, AFAIK.

I guess, Pros & Cons may vary on each personal application... so, the following are my own experiences and needs.

You can assign the Plugin to certain MenuItems. It seems to offer all current SuperSized features.

Because it is a plugin, you can't use multiple instances. Therefor, you can only use it with one configuration! i.e. 1 image source folder. Or 1 flickr gallery. A module solution would be more versatile, because you could use different folders and different modes!

Currently no PNG overlay as default or optional parameter.

If you just need one instance, or you see another technical benefit in the plugin architecture, than buy it. I have to admit, that the support is kind and listening. More features might be included in the future.
If you need multiple and different display modes on one site, you might checkout a module-based version.
If you want to try SuperSized, without paying a buck, than lookout for a free version in this extension category ;-)
Owner's reply

We listened to our customers needs, including this one and we now offer this extension as a module as of July 2012. It just made more sense. Now you can have multiple galleries on your site. There are free solutions, but we offer full support and free upgrades for a year.

Just hit this piece of software by accident. A new client had it already installed. Way underrated and overseen in my humble opinion. Maybe the name implies a limited functionality... I never expected to find Email templates or entry manager in the backend.

Filed under contacts, but rather an underrated form component. I am surprised and will definitely keep an eye on it. Bookmarked for future projects!
Akeeba Backup
Ever had a none-working FTP download? Strange errors on the backuped site, that seem to have no real explanations? (e.g. jpg images are not displayed... opening in a new window/tab shows only code!)

Simply give this extension a try! It backups the whole file and folder structure and even the database.

Another major benefit: The backup and restore procedure is lightningfast compared to FTP!

It saved my life and the whole project. Simple as that. I will definitely check out the PRO version...
bypepperstreet, July 19, 2011
CB Random User
You want to feature and promote a certain user profile? This module does have some unique options for you.

Highlights are:

- filter/select a profile based on cb field values and conditions
- a special timeframe parameter allows "member-of-the-day" etc.
- display additional cb field values

In short: Great module, very fast support.
Thank you very much for your work and efforts!
bypepperstreet, April 3, 2011
I used the previous 1.x version for a file and documentation repository. And i will upgrade it as soon as possible.

Why did i choose Attachments? Because it is usable and intuitive for the average user. I needed a simple way to share and update files and related documents in FRONTEND. I think i have tried almost any possible download component out there... finally i came back to Attachments. Only DOCmans simple upload steps come close to this.

The ability to use the Joomla articles for categorization and descriptions is real fun. (in v2 also for categories and sections)

The frontend upload and edit is as easy as it can be.

Thank you very much for this great piece of software.
bypepperstreet, March 21, 2011
My favourite features (besides the typical menu usage):
You can create automatic menu-items for sections and categories. In other words, you can expand joomla categories and sections. The real beauty about it: the output options. i.e. category name as static title or clickable links. Or even as a select-box. A handy little gem: The ItemID selection has a fixed and a smart option.

Never tried the suckerfish menu templates. But i have seen them in some templates.

In Joomla 1.0 days, the awesome splitmenu option was my highlight (something you know from J1.5, right?! )

I would really like to see it for J1.6+ ;)