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byperandre, March 13, 2007
Exactly what I needed for userfriendly linking, and it works great! I simply use the syntax (link:Welcome to Joomla!).

There's even a component that converts your syntax if changed.

Thank u so much!
byperandre, February 19, 2007
It works perfectly well, and it is simply a great mambot.
One day, maybe we'll se thumbnails from those vids, too? :)
byperandre, January 8, 2007
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Akeeba Backup
I tested it on a local 1.0.11 installation, uploaded it on a remote server, untarred using SSH, and it just worked :)

Two things:
1. After the installation process, delete configuration.php (+ the intallation-folder, of course) before trying to access the site.

2.Use the same login-details as before! At the end of the installation-process, it gives you the loginname and password for administration you typed on the page before (as in a standard installation). If you decide to use an all new password, it's not gonna work; the old one from ther earlier installation is still active. That's actually great! Except that you shouldn't trust the screen if you just typed a new one ;)