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byperihan, September 27, 2010
I am making a pretty long info form, and after 38 fields i just got blocked. I don't know if there is any max. amount of fields? Also it doesn't change the title of some fields. I don't get any error message, just click save, and then the changements just dissapear. It works quite fast, but now that i'm stuck, i had to search an other form creater. DISSAPOINTMENT. I've tried to ask help from the creators. I got a quick response at one, the've asked me if i had the pro version or not. I responded that I have the mail version, and havent heard from them since. Such a same, it could have worked for me...

Without it blocking, i would rate them 4 stars...
Owner's reply

We know this issue very well and it is not caused by Mad4Joomla or Proforms. It is an issue about misconfigured server and Joomla. We solved it even it isn't a extension bug several times for our customers which have bought service.
Well I understand that Perihan is disapointed if (s)he doesn't get support but we are a company and support costs also money for us. So if people who have purchased the pro version proforms are getting faster support is the most normal thing in the world.
If Perihan would have been patient (s)he would have got also an answer.

Perihan is rating the service which doesn't say anything about the component.
She is disappointed because (s)he doesn't get support which is normally only for customers who have purchased service time.
This is commercial dispute which is not allowed by the rules of JED! This is why have reported this review to JED.