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byperlarenee, November 8, 2012
ARI Image Slider
This is my current favorite for building out sites as it has several features (such as not pulling in jquery as needed, captions, links, nav, etc.) that are perfect. If i were to think of one thing that could be added to make it even more user friendly it would be an easy way to edit the .ini file (to add captions and links) from within the module parameters itself. Thanks for coming up with a great module
byperlarenee, November 1, 2012
Flexible - Virtuemart Product Carousel
I do not like the encoded text used in the module! I love the look and feel and suggested a customer purchase this for their site, but as i began to work with it i noticed encoded text that creates a hidden inbound link to the developer site. the code states that it's for validation of purchase, but it actually embeds this into the site: Not cool! I would never leave a module on a site with encoded text doing god knows what...
Owner's reply

If you end-up seeing your modules being shared in the warez forums or torrents... you release, you have to do something to protect your product. The module loads 1x1 transparent PNG image from our server, which is only 1kb. There is no hidden thing going on behind the scene and it is NOT a link! Please don't provide faulty information here without being aware what that is. It is a PNG file. And by looking at the HTTP referer, we find out which URL is using our module. It gives us only the domain name in form of It is that simple. If you insist on removing that PNG from the module, we do provide the clean version upon request (which we still don't understand why people are asking for it, it just an innocent PNG dot, but picky developers ask for it). We have never declined any request, probably we have given the clean version to you as well. So, giving 1 star here and providing such a bad feedback is just not fair.

Flexible Web Design

byperlarenee, September 24, 2012
Renat running text
it looks to me like the apostrophe, any in the scrolling text, is interpreted as js or somesuch and breaks the module. this module works great otherwise. I'm giving it an average for this as a customer will generally want to use proper punctuation in a ticker, which this doesn't really allow.