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bypertorstensson, May 19, 2013
Community Surveys
I am amazed by how advanced, yet easy to use, this component is. Great support as well.
bypertorstensson, November 22, 2012
Unite Revolution Responsive Slider
It seems I have been trying them all, but this is by far the best slideshow component I have come across;
The things you can do are just amazing, and the user interface for editing is extremely friendly.

A nice addition would be a plugin that allows for the slide shows to be included i Joomla articles etc. It also would be awesome if you could copy slideshows and move specific slides between different slideshows.

None of this is show stoppers how ever - the component is amazing just the way it is - great work!
bypertorstensson, August 6, 2012
I have been trying to figure out how to implement a lead/deal based CRM system for our company for over a year. I have waited because I know from experience how troublesome it can be to start off with something that seems "almost right" and then try to "fix it" along the way.

Aside from the obvious, my main criterias have been:
- "Modern"
- Instantly understandable
(if I can't understand it in 5 minutes, how will "my" users ever?)
- Easily maintainable for admins and managers alike
(nobody wants to "admin" more than necessary - hence the product must be rightly configured out of the box without any fuss)
- Preferably with mobile support

Finding this has been easier said than done, but just the other day I found CRMery and couldn't believe my eyes. It had everything I ever sought for - and then some! At the moment there seem to be some small, early bugs to crank out, but I have all the confidence CRMery will fix them with time along with awesome features.

CRMery is worth every penny and I'm sure I will be a happy customer for a long, long time.
bypertorstensson, January 23, 2007
Just tried out your demo page and was amazed how smooth everything worked with the thickbox library. And showing inline content like that is just wonderful. And then it hit me: What if you could show modules in the same manner, wouldn't that be awesome?! Imagine for example if you could get rid of the more than often ugly login module on the left of the page and instead have a link to a Thickbox! I think it would be neeeeaaaaat! =)
Owner's reply

This would be VERY easy to achieve if Joomla modules had unique ids...

btw: hey joomla developers, where are you???