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bypeterb77, May 19, 2010
This little tiny component rocks. If you are capable of making beautiful php/mysql sites in dreamweaver and want to integrate them within joomla, Jumi is a must-have. You can just copy your dreamweaver code (provided you programmed them somewhere within your joomla maps)in the component, link a menu to it and it works. This component makes is possible to manipulate (delet, update, insert) and report virtually everything that is within your joomla or other mysql database. It's superb, it's magnificent, it's great, it rocks, it truly does.
bypeterb77, May 18, 2010
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Dione FormWizard
The first thing to notice I got another component (Sexy gallery) after buying the form wizard. Having said that I eventually got it (pretty fast - within a minute after mentioning), but what is it that you get. Nothing, you get the ability to design a form, but not the corresponding php on the background that actually does something with the form when submitting. So great I can make a form to do.... nothing with it. Furter on you cannot edit nor delete a form and finally after making one form I could not make a second. I don't think it can be worse, total waste of money. It's sooooooooooooooooo BAD.
Owner's reply

Hello Peter. Thanks for your feedback.

We refunded your order immediately, when was received your letter. Any opinion of each user on our product is very important for us. Really, our component is intended more for creation of forms, instead of on creation of the form handler in the view of the PHP-code. But such possibility will be added in the next version of the product. Concerning your problems with creation only one form and impossibility of its removal, we think that this problem specific only for your environment. We are afflicted that you have not given the chance to us to help you with its solution.

Best regards,
Dione Soft Company