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bypetershelper, August 31, 2008
JCK Editor
On the basic editor initially supplied with Joomla, although a table could be done, carrying out formatting to create borders seemed to be a missing element. With JoomlaFCK, I had the same initial problem until I had a eureka moment of creating and formatting the border arrangement as I wanted using Word. I then copied and pasted and things look so much better. It dawned on me that there was a paste from Word facility built into the editor.
Thanks for the editor, I can rest easier having a better finish using borders. I know it can all be done with HTML and CSS, but it is a lot less hassle copying and pasting from Word.
Owner's reply

THE GOOD NEWS! The next release (version 2.6.3) will go further to assist your requirements! It will allow users to apply borders styles to tables simply by using the iStyles tool!
Thanks for your vote! Delighted to hear that copying & pasting from Word works for you!