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bypethr, January 13, 2013
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I have mixed feelings about this plugin. On the one hand I helped the dev a lot when he was developing it sending him a ton of feedback having all my suggestions worked in really quickly. But when I purchased this extension several months later i found out it does not support crop to scale (set exact image dimensions, scale by one side and crop the other) and never got any support from the dev. He was just too busy (tried twice over about 5 months) to help. So if you are 100% sure this already does all you need than go for it, otherwise Read Less – Text or similar plugin might be a much better (and free) alternative. Cannot really recommend this one.
Owner's reply

As pethr has suggested, I do recommend you read the documentation and take a test run of the amazing demo I have setup prior to your purchase. If I have not provided enough information to ease your mind then you can always ask me a question and I will respond with an honest answer to help you decide whether this plugin is right for you.

It is true, pethr has requested various features since I first released this plugin and I have implemented most of these changes, I am very grateful for the suggestions pethr has provided. pethr has repeatedly complimented my progress with the plugin and even thanked me for a "nice" plugin after purchasing. pethr then requested a crop to scale feature that was not currently part of the plugin. pethr admitted "I should have tested it first". I'm not sure how this is my fault.

I simply have not had the time to complete the research and testing to implement this feature. My support does not include adding features on demand. I try my best to add new features in a timely manner but sometimes this is not possible. The terms and conditions on my website clearly state that support does not include custom modifications. Support includes answers to general questions, fixing bugs and helping a user setup the plugin when needed. I have provided friendly support to over 600 happy customers.

For the record, I have been researching the best way to enhance the current cropping feature. I will be adding it to the plugin when I believe it is ready for the general public. I hope you will reconsider your review when I have implemented the change.

bypethr, September 20, 2011
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This is a great module withmost of teh features you would want (but omissions like inability not to show article that is currently displayed). The code isn't very nice but with some (heavy) template output overrides works great. Unfortunatelly it doesn't seem J1.7+ version is coming.
Owner's reply

We have revamped the code and update it to work in Joomla 1.7/2.5. Have a try...