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bypetronas25, October 27, 2006
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There is a strange error with this component(1.11.10 english version). On IE (6 and 7) when you click on thumbnail images the browser crashes and gives a fatal error. I tried to install version 1.11.9 and 1.11.10, but the IE crashes anyway. On Opera and Mozilla it works properly however. On official forum, the RSGallery developers seem to have no solution for this bug.

There is another language error. I have a russian Joomla and when I install RSGallery it automatically tries to recognize the language of a joomla. And it is not Russian what it chooses but some Gibberish language with characters that I could'nt read and change. I had to switch to english to able to see properly the RSgallery menu.

Overall, this component is promising, but needs to fix the above problem with IE.