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bypflewis123, February 8, 2008
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Event Registration Pro
There's a bit of a learning curve for this component, but once you're over that, it all works fine. The "manual", such as it is, is not terribly thorough, but it's very important to read what they have and follow every step when you're first getting this set up.

Like all software, once you've fiddled around with it a while, you figure it out. The main thing is that it WORKS, is quite configurable, and does its job fairly elegantly. I tried a couple other components that do approximately the same thing, and this is the best of the bunch.

It's got a ways to go - some of the error capturing is not great (totally blank error messages, in some cases), and there are a handful of missing configuration options that I expect will get built into later versions. (For example, we're using this on a nonprofit website to register for low-cost seminars. I don't really want these folks to have to agree to Terms of Service - we're not in the business of covering our rear ends - but there doesn't seem to be any way to turn this off.)

But after all the heartburn we had getting something operational, I can say this was definitely worth the money.