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To be clear it is very difficult for anyone to come up with an app or extension for coupons/deals that will satisfy everybody's needs.

And sure enough this extension did not meet all of my needs when I first tried it, but I was blown away with how responsive the support is and how quickly they have incorporated my requests into new features in subsequent releases.

So while it still doesn't meet 100% of what I want, it meets much more than it did just 3 short months ago, and I'm confident they will close the gap for me in subsequent releases (which are happening very quickly).

I've given this an excellent rating because they are constantly improving this extension so that users are able to customise it more to their specific needs.

And their support is quick and very helpful. I have tried a couple other extensions and this is the one I'm betting on.
bypgales, November 21, 2012
I had asked the guys at Jomsocial whether their FB integration would accomplish what JFBConnect does (this was before I knew about JFBConnect) as I saw some of the advanced features e.g. seeing who of your friends had liked a site, on some other sites. I was told I shouldn't expect features like this as these other sites like had tens of thousands of dollars to spend on custom features like this. Lo and behold I discovered JFBConnect and it seems to do everything I was asking for.

What's more is that the product is easy to implement; it really is a code snippet placed in files (it's easier to learn this than you might think) and presto it works.

What's even more is their support is world class. They seem to have several guys named Alex (couldn't possibly be the same guy - smile) who responds in a very timely way and goes above and beyond to get things working for you.

I don't give five stars very easily, but this really deserves it.
bypgales, October 9, 2012
f you're looking for a good event extension for Joomla, you should definitely consider Ohanah. The back end administration is very simple and intuitive and I almost did not have to read the documentation to set things up (although I have some experience in Joomla so that helped).

And I thought it looked quite good out of the box on the font-end as well.

Romano, the support person that responded to me, was very quick in responding to the issues that I did have and he was able to help me figure out how to get around a couple obstacles that came up for me.

It also a good sign that the support team is continuing to develop the app and they seem to be listening to their users about what the next step is.

I definitely recommend this and if you do consider it, take the time to try out the demos on the backend and front end so that you can be sure it's what you want.