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byphal, June 19, 2011
Dont let the demo fool you. It doesnt have a lot of ecard inside. The program is actually quite flexible and easy to use with plenty of functions. It looks good once you added you own cards.
byphal, June 18, 2011
I have tried almost all the shopping carts for different sites.

Most of them are still virtuemart because even I have purchased Redshop, it is not Joomfishable.

It is a very stable version of virtuemart. With the occasional problems yet to solve e.g. product scroller inconsistency between browsers (yes support was requested before, last year). Support response is quick though, even though the problem may not be solved.

I will still use it for a single language only site, which is a narrow market. It was worth the cost last year when there were still many bugs in virtuemart, which seemed to have ironed out a bit this year.
Owner's reply

There is a jomfish plugin for redSHOP - its in the 3rd party download area and have been for quite a while.

byphal, June 8, 2011
Tried different contact forms. This one is easy to use, has captcha, can set different contacts in a pull down menu, can add 1 optional field, all setup within 3-4 minutes.

Cant use it on multilingual sites though. My first choice for a 'contact us' in most of my sites when a complex contact form is not required.
byphal, June 6, 2011
Has facebook and twitter including like and share and styling and language settings.
Best of all has additional area to put in custom codes. Allows me to add yahoo blog icon and a link to my yahoo blog.
byphal, June 1, 2011
Bad Word Filter
Was looking for a simple bad word filter in kunena for joomla 1.5, which was very hard to find until I tried this plugin. Work immediately.
byphal, December 22, 2010
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
1. Easy to set up if you have a menu in joomla already (5 secs), and you dont want to insert link manually like some other accordion menus

2. Quick support response

3. Other styles need additional purchase, but the cost is not much
byphal, September 29, 2010
Nice Social Bookmark
Aesthetically pleasing and versatile. Too bad it doesnt have facebook like and share buttons.
byphal, July 23, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
I have tried various contact forms in Joomla, with 3 sites using ALF contact, with styling, customizing, and multilingual issues. Now I have another 4 sites using Contact Enhanced with much more possibilites. For example user can optionally upload photos, and the whole form can be set to different languages and integrated with joomfish without glitch.